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Ukrainization - programs' translation to Ukrainian language
Hi! As you probably have guessed from the URL, my name is Vova. I take up Ukrainian localization of the software. I cooperate with other similar projects. By one of directions of the activity I see the introducing of uniform norms of the Ukrainian localization and also creation of the uniform catalog of ukrainian localized programs.

As is known from a history of Ukraine, the bolsheviks in 20 years of XX century pursued policy named "ukrainization". To gain support of the native population from the vehicle of authority it was required to use the language of the native population in official bodies, to promote progressing of national culture. Period of ukrainization (1923-1933) was occasionally ascendings, hoisting and progressing of the Ukrainian culture, national revival. And for guiding bolsheviks' ukrainization was only temporary tactical manoeuvre. It was enabled only in those limits, which one did not contradict interests and ideological checkpoints of higher state and party guiding. But it so, lyrical retreat...

So, this page not about the Soviet times, bolsheviks, communism and another past. Ukrainization is a translation of program to the Ukrainian language, that is language localization.

In my opinion, it is much more pleasant to use the software with the interface on the native language, than, for example, on Russian or English. Therefore I started to translate some programs. Many persons localize the software with the help of special programs without the permission of the authors. Thus, they to a certain extent violate the copyrights.

I have elected other path and make localization of the program ONLY with authorТs permission. Besides, I translate not only interface of the program, but both help and text files, which are included in the distribution kit. If you have created the program and wish to see it with the Ukrainian interface - mail me . Translation is charge-free! I am looking forward for your suggestions.

The list of already translated programs isn't great, but as times goes by it will enrich.

все на КПК Ремонт nokia недорогой ремонт мобильного телефона очень быстро качественно

Translation partner of 4th february

4th splitHomepageAuthor
The program for partition and following join of big filesFreewareSergey S. Tkachenko
The program is meant for quick and reliable partition of big files on blocks with possibility in further to join blocks and to receive a source file. Possible creation up to 1000 blocks and DOS-shared partition. For partition and join of files can be used either hard disk, or diskette.
Ukrainian version786 KbDownload

4th daterHomepageAuthor
The program for modification of date, time and attributes of filesFreewareSergey S. Tkachenko
The program is meant for modification of dates and attributes of files. The program can be used, for example, to ensure privacy, i.e. concealment from the final user real dates of files. In the nonregistered version some functions are inaccessible.
Ukrainian version414 KbDownload

Secure Password Generator 2.11HomepageAuthor
The program for generation random passwordFreewareVitaly Gladkov
The password, that provides maximal safety in limits it's length is random password. The program will help you to construct any "numeric-letter combination" on your taste. It is not necessary to force your cat to walk on the keyboard. You need only to remember obtained abracadabra (it also training of memory!).
Ukrainian version187 KbDownload

AE Generator 0.90HomepageАвтор
The program for generation Abstract Expressionist picturesFreewareGreg Sidal
AE Generator is a software application that enables users to generate thier own Abstract Expressionist pictures and produce them in the form of posters and murals using common computer printers. The software creates pictures using random generation algorithms, and prints them in sections on multiple pages which can be trimmed and assembled to fashion large posters. The software includes several features to facilitate the production process, such as on-screen print previewing and individual page selection.
The program175 KbDownload
Ukrainian patch54 KbDownload

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